Sunday, October 23, 2011


Okay. So it's a week away, but since I'm moving next week, I may not be able to blog. It has been several years since I dressed up for Halloween. I've never had a store-bought costume, always relying on my imagination, the dress-up bin and how much time my mother had to help. Not all the costumes were winners. I have a picture of myself as a trashy, make-up wearing 7 year old. (I think I was going for Madonna.)

My favorite adult costume was when my friend Debbie and I went as fairies. We made our wings with wire, glue and colored cellophane. Tights. A skirt made of green felt that I hot glued myself into. I think Debbie used purple fabric in the shape of flower petals. It was fun, easy and cheap. We were adorable. I'd include a picture, but my photo albums are packed.

My favorite childhood costume was, for years, the source of immense humiliation. I begged my mother to burn the evidence. Thankfully, she didn't:

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