Friday, January 6, 2012


This is the first time I've had to really answer to anyone about my writing. I can't disregard my editor's perspective the way I could dismiss some random reader. Luckily, her suggestions have been really helpful, often echoing things I feel myself. So far, we're working on structure and sections that could use a bit more development. It's exciting to feel someone is so invested in my story and helping me get it just right.

Since I have a British publisher, I'm neutralizing my more obvious Americanisms. My characters are clearly American and I'm not doing anything to obscure that fact, just smoothing out language that might make British readers stumble. For instance, I'm getting rid of the "gottens", since that is a term British speakers don't use and find particularly awkward. I've heard it likened to nails on chalkboard.

The one I'm struggling with is the suggestion that I change "oatmeal" to "porridge". Now I don't know any Americans who use the word "porridge" so I'm trying to find a word that works universally. So far, I haven't found one. If you have any ideas, please leave it in my comments!


  1. Nope, "porridge" sounds funny to Americans. I can't think of anything other than "oatmeal." I googled "porridge + menu" and it returned almost nothing American. Good luck!