Monday, January 16, 2012

Killing Time

I had hoped my next blog post would be an update on my housing situation. The last closing date was January 13th, but that came and went without a word and I'm beginning to hate long weekends.

Here's how I've been keeping busy:

Reading A Scattered Life, a self-published book that was picked up by a bigger publisher. I'm almost done and will post a review when I finish.

Critiqueing books on Authonomy.

Learning how to use Spotify to listen to music for free.

Following the story of three-year-old Amelia Rivera, whose parents claim she was denied an organ transplant due to a cognitive disability.

Watching the Golden Globes and adding to my Netflix list.

Playing Words with Friends on Facebook.

Getting frustrated over our screwed up electoral system and the fact that two tiny states have enough impact to force Huntsman out of the race. Now there is not a single person in either party that I can vote for.

Researching third party candidates like Rocky Anderson and Gary Johnson, and Americans Elect, a nonpartisan presidential nomination movement.

Searching the real estate listings for homes that are for sale traditionally, and not through a bank.

Hopefully, my next blog will be a housing update. Until then, if you have any more ideas of things to do to keep busy, leave me a comment.

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