Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Titles have never come easily to me. In general, when I finish a story, I wrack my brain and end up settling for something I don't hate.

The exception to this rule came with the completion of my first novel: Monsoon Season. Not only does it have both literal and figurative significance to my story, I think it's pretty catchy. It's been my title for several years and I've gotten attached.

So I was pretty disappointed when my editor told me she'd like me to think of some other possibilities. Part of her reasoning makes sense: "monsoon season" is not automatically associated with the American Southwest, at least not internationally.
Lulu Titlescorer gives it a 69% chance of being a bestselling title. Can you help me think of something better? If you do, I'll put your name in my acknowledgements!


  1. Oh that's sad! I really liked that title too :(

  2. well, i think it's still in the running...