Saturday, January 7, 2012

As Is

I’ve got no illusions about you.
Guess what? I never did.

I love Ani Difranco. Her songs feel like a soundtrack to my life. I continue to find new parts in old favorites that speak to me.

I am in the process of buying- or trying to buy- a house in Tucson that’s an “as is” sale and while I wait it out with my parents in one state, all my earthly belongings in another, and all my friends in a third and fourth - my life is feeling a bit “as is”. Here’s the part of the lyrics that resonate today:

“When I look around, I think this-this is good enough,
And I try to laugh at whatever life brings,
Cuz when I look down, I just miss all the good stuff,
And when I look up, I just trip over things.”

There are other parts of this song that have always resonated for me. The chorus, mostly. Give it a listen:

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