Saturday, December 10, 2011

Holiday Shopping: American-made Kids' Clothes

It's impossible. Well, nearly. I've spent hours on internet searches. I had hoped to find many great sites to share, but I didn't.

Turns out, there are no cute, American-made clothing sites for those of us who don't believe in spending more than fifty bucks on an outfit for a two-year-old. I found two websites whose clearance/sale sections might be worth a look:

Basic Brilliance - Leggings and tops in assorted solid colors. Good basics, but not very aesthetically interesting on their own.

CDWKids - Not all their stuff is made in America, so be careful. You can select that section.

I didn't find what I wanted at either of these stores, so I went back to This time I got some fantastic dresses at DoodleBugDressShop. Since they're handmade, I was able to request a longer sleeve for one. With shipping, I'm spending less than fifty bucks on two little girls. As a gift, for something cute and unique, that's awesome and I'm happy to do it.

However, what has become very clear to me is that it would be impossible to clothe your children entirely in American-made clothing. Unless you're wealthy. Or you sew them yourself.

But what really matters is that I met my goal! I bought American for Christmas and I spent more than the $64 that Diane Sawyer claims will help create 200,000 jobs.

So I did my part. What have you done?

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