Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Computer savvy

That is not a word that would ever be used to describe me. So this idea I had to create some print copies of my book that is set to be digitally published in July... well, it is kicking my ass.

I checked out Lulu and Createspace, the two names I recognized. On first glance, it seemed Lulu was easier, but more expensive. A few steps in, Lulu became just as complicated so I'm opting for the cheaper route. This way I can afford to make up a few dozen books to display and sign at my book party in July. Plus, there are those members of my family who refuse to get with the times and start reading digitally. I understand. I still don't own a Kindle.

So far, I've uploaded the cover art and just have to format the interior. Wish me luck!


  1. My step dad did his book himself on CreateSpace. If you need help, let me know. So you own the print rights? Pretty cool...

  2. Katie, I'd love a copy! How can I get one?!

    If you do own the print rights - that's really cool!

  3. Pretty awesome. And I am definitely not computer savy either. Good luck!

  4. claire, my publisher has given me permission to make up a few for gifts. let's see if i get the formatting it figured out and then we'll talk!