Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Monsoon Season on Amazon

I can't even articulate how excited I am to see my book on It's even more mind-boggling than seeing my name on the press release for my publisher a few months back.

Monsoon Season is ready for pre-order! It's officially released July 19th.

You can go to the page to read it's product description, but here's my query letter:

Riley has been shaped by a story about her family that might not even be true.

Monsoon Season tells the story of Riley Thomas, whose first foray into adulthood hasn’t worked out quite how she had planned. A year after her college graduation, she's back at home with her parents in Massachusetts, escaping a dysfunctional relationship and other secret mistakes from her year in Arizona.

We see what Riley has learned about love from the people closest to her, how she has grown into the person she is, and how she attempts to change. When she's forced to accept help, Riley realizes that being independent doesn’t have to mean being alone. Monsoon Season explores how well we know the people we claim to love and how much every person we choose to let into our lives shapes who we become.

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