Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Diversity in publishing

If you follow this blog closely, (as you should) you already know that I just finished Mary Vensel White's debut novel The Qualities of Wood. I started reading this when it was posted on Authonomy and I was bummed when it was taken down before I could finish. So I was happy to read it when it was published by HarperCollins and I'm thrilled to have my blurb added to her website.

I just got my early copy of Karen McQuestion's new novel, The Long Way Home. The signed paperback was in my mailbox this morning! I loved her first book, A Scattered Life, which was self-published before being re-released through Amazon Publishing.  I reviewed it a few months ago and I'll be reviewing this one when I finish. It gets officially released May 1st.

To Read:
I'm looking forward to getting my hands on Patrick Blackburn's Cupid Missed, which comes out in hard copy and e-book format in May. It's the story of a break up, told from a man's perspective. The description on the website makes me want to read it. He's going the indy route for now, but he just got an agent, so I bet he gets picked up by a big publisher soon.