Saturday, October 3, 2015

Finding Charlie on KindleScout

In September, Finding Charlie won a crowd sourcing contest at I've had dozens of positive responses from literary agents who ultimately passed on representation. Before I go the self-publication route, I've decided to do a KindleScout run.

As a hybrid author, I've seen both sides of publishing and know there are advantages and disadvantages to either path you choose. I think KindleScout is somewhere in the middle and I'm excited to give it a shot.

Finding Charlie is commercial women's fiction, told with alternating narrators. When Olivia's younger sister goes missing, Olivia is forced to consider that she may not have known her as well as she thought. Charlie's disappearance feels a lot like their mother's disappearance all those years ago and it opens old wounds, pushing family members to reexamine the past.  

This is a family drama that deals with the repercussions of maternal abandonment.  It takes place during the summer in Tucson, Arizona - the longest season of the year. Readers of Jodi Picoult, Sue Miller, and J. Courtney Sullivan would appreciate this story.

My campaign has just launched on the KindleScout site. I'd appreciate if you coiuld take a moment to give your support:

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