Friday, April 24, 2015

Book Club Contest

Book clubs are fantastic. They get people reading. Sometimes they give people a night away from kids and responsibilities. Maybe they're a way to socialize and connect with your community.

Why do you love your book club? Send me a tweet @katieorourke78 (or post a comment here) and whoever has the best answer (ie: my favorite) will win free copies of my new book, A Long Thaw, for every member of their book club. (I'm thinking between 5 to 10 members, but I'm flexible.)

Here's a bit about the book:  
A Long Thaw is contemporary women’s fiction, perfect book club fiction. Cousins Abby and Juliet were born into one big, close family. But when Juliet’s parents divorce, it tears the family apart and sends the girls in very different directions. It’s a story about the power of secrets and the unbreakable bonds of family.

Praise for A Long Thaw: “A big-hearted and deep-thinking novel about two young women navigating the peaks and valleys of love while relying on their friendship and family bond to keep them balanced along the way.”  -Mary Vensel White, The Qualities of Wood

Book clubs are a writer's best friend. Let me be a friend to your book club!


  1. I think this is such a fun idea!

  2. Aww this is such a great idea and the book sounds very powerful.
    I'm part of a 'transatlantic' book club of four sassy ladies who studied at University together (all girls who did War Studies oddly enough!) then had to go our separate ways (UK, USA & Japan!). We convene through the ever-so-handy internet and our love of books supersedes distance and time zones, helps keep us in contact and lets us explore and grow together with the characters we read about. My book club shows me that frustrations, tears, laughter and joy can be universally shared and for that I'm blessed and grateful.

    1. How can I get a hold of you, Hillary? Email me at!