Sunday, March 29, 2015


I saw a talk once about the Myers-Brigg personality test and how the classic personalty type for a writer is the polar opposite of the promoter. And yet, with self-publishing, you have to be great at both.

Since the launch of A Long Thaw, I've been wearing my marketing cap. It's stiff and itchy and, well, I've never looked good in hats - but I'm working it! I've done a half dozen guest blogs and interviews and I have more coming in the next few weeks. For the complete list, check out the media page at my author site.

I sure hope I'm not wearing people out with my frequent updates. That's what's so weird about self-promotion: it feels braggy and arrogant, but it's essential if I'm going to get my work noticed.

So, here's a bit of promo for today, one of my Amazon reviews of the book you should all be clicking that link to buy for $2.99:
"Starts quickly and doesn't slow down. I kept turning pages to see what would transpire next. Realistic characters and family dynamics. Lovely read."

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