Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Monsoon Season: Interview

I only just found this interview that I gave to Cass McMain at the beginning of the summer. She asked some great questions and I got to talk about many of my favorite writing topics: genre debates, sexism, how to create characters, blogging, etc.

Cass claims to have a hard time coming up with blog ideas, but her response to Cosmo's "How to Drive Your Man Wild" was absolute genius:
"I should email him. At work. With messages about how I just got finished “touching myself” and thinking about how I can’t wait for him to ____ his ____ for me. Blank his blank? Oh, I get it: that’s code for I can’t wait for him to lose his job. (Maybe I can leave group messages for everyone at his office. I want your ___ in my ____. Then his boss can send it back filled in: I want your resignation letter in my in basket right now.)"
I am currently rereading Cass's debut novel, Sunflower, and thoroughly enjoying it. The review will be my next blog post.

A few months ago, I interviewed Cass about publication of her first book.

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