Monday, August 13, 2012

Partial Book Review: A Short History of Women

A Short History of Women is a multi-generational family saga that focuses on women's lives and how their struggles have changed (or not) over time. I loved the concept, but I read three chapters and I'm bored. I can't connect to any of the narrators. The family tree at the beginning doesn't help keep the characters straight because they all have the same names. There are four Dorothy's and nearly as many James's.

Normally, I will suffer through a rotten book, but I am reminded of some advice I gave recently: Your time is valuable. There are so many great books; don't waste time on stinker.

So I'm moving on. I already have another book lined up. And next time I pick a book, I will pay more attention to the Amazon reviews. If I had read them first, I never would have purchased this book.

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