Sunday, July 1, 2012

CreateSpace: It Takes a Village

To format some paper copies of my book, I needed all kinds of help. I needed to use my boyfriend's laptop with a current version of Word. He also figured out how to do the page numbering. Patrick Blackburn was nice enough to convert my PDF file into Word, saving me hours of editing. I accessed Jason Mathew's facebook group to help me figure out the line spacing issue that had to do with switching off the orphan/widow option. Or switching it on? I already forget. And then there was google to help with things like embedding font, which I never got right- I just switched to a more common font.

So, the bottom line is that CreateSpace is not easy to figure out for your average, non-computer-geek, but it can be done. With help. And the upside is that it's a lot cheaper than other sites (I got five copies with shipping for under $25.) And the slowest shipping option took much less time than it said.

For me, it was worth the extra time and head-ache and I'm happy with the final product. I want to thank everyone who helped me!

(The above is a limited edition cover. I'll be posting the final cover when I get them in the mail.)


  1. Exciting, all of it! So happy for you :).

  2. Nice post and thanks for the plug! I also choose the slowest shipping possible from CreateSpace and find my books usually arrive within one week. Save your money and go economy shipping there.